Complete HRMS Solutions

Complete HRMS Solutions

Spectra provides a complete HRMS Solution to cater to the needs of HR department right from Hire to Exit. Spectra HRMS Solutions is a bundle of service modules i.e Employee Engagement (EE Module - LOI / Appointment Letter printing), Leave & Attendance (L&A Module), Compensation & Benefits (C&B Module), Performance Management System (PMS Module), Key Responsibility Area (KRA Module) and Exit Module etc.

Spectra’s HRMS Solution is cloud based solution which aims to ensure fast and accurate processing of salary data, generating real time statutory and other accounting reports and to provide 24x7 accessibility to retrieve the historical data.

Employee Engagement Module

EE module facilitates various tasks like generating Letter of Intent (LOI) immediately after selection of candidates followed by generating of appointment letter at the time of joining. All details such as personal details, qualification, compensation and benefits, previous employment details etc. pertaining to employees can be entered into the systems through pre-assigned rights to a set of people. Persons authorised through pre-assigned rights can enter, modify and view employee data as and when required. EE module tracks all change and maintain employee data on real time basis.

Leave & Attendance Module

Immediately after employee on-boarding, the on board employee data push to leave and attendance module to create attendance code so as to capture daily attendance from day one through bio metric or other scanning devices installed at the company premises. Spectra’s Leave & Attendance module provide platform to configure company leave and attendance policy and allows employees to apply leave online and the immediate reporting manager to approve / reject the leave online.

The designated HR personnel can view on real time basis the status of leave and attendance (In & out time) through HRMS portal. L&A Modules also facilitates the concept of team attendance for the locations where bio metric machine or other scanning device not installed. The system automatically calculates the Leave without pay on fixed cut of date and pushes the data into payroll for salary calculation.

Compensation & Benefits Module

Spectra Compensation & Benefits module key features are to maintain confidentiality of Salary data, managing month on month and large historical data, ensuring statutory deduction under Income Tax, social security laws, state employment laws, fast and accurate processing of monthly salary, real time reporting, Employee Self Service Portal etc.

Performance Management Module

Every HR department’s biggest challenge is to monitor and record performance of employees on predefined intervals. It is not only a humongous task interims of coordination of across all level in an organisation but also requires a seamless and timely flow of information across all level with confidentiality. Any deviation in process will lead an adverse effect on the morale of the employee. Spectra PMS Module addressed all such challenges in its PMS Module through a systematic work flow to carry out appraisal. An appraiser and appraise assessment is presented in logical so as arrive at logical and unbiased appraisal. Spectra PMS module is customizable as per company requirement.

Key Responsibility Area – KRA Module

In every organisation there is Communication Gap in Responsibility entrusted and responsibility performed for the simple reason due to changing of role from time to time, no clear detailing on the KRAS through formal channel. Spectra KRA Module provide a platform to digital allot & accept KRAS through Employee Self Service Portal. It also help both employee as well as reporting manager to know KRA assigned at any given point in time and thus reduces conflict amongst them.

Exit Module

Spectra exit module facilitates exit formalities right from resignation till relieving. An employee and reporting manager can document the exit process such as handover of company assets, knowledge transfer etc. to avoid any communication gaps. The system thus reduces time spent on obtaining any key information after relieving and facilitates part ways in organised manner.