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Compliance Audit & Statutory Compliance in HR

Spectra Compliance Audit Team consists of qualified professionals from varied backgrounds including Legal, Compliance, Human resources, Statutory Compliance in HR and Technology. Managing Labour Law Compliances under the Federal structure of governance is not an effortless task. The numerous labour legislation and frequent changes in labour laws in every state due to changing social and economic environment have made it more difficult to keep abreast with all labour laws changes on a real-time basis.

Given these challenges the HR department often spends a disproportionate amount of time on HR Labour compliances, rather than focusing on Core HR functions such as strategic HR planning, transformation, change management, team building, risk management, etc.

Spectra provides a wide range of HR Labour Compliance Services on a PAN India basis through a team of highly experienced professionals and a wide network of Local Associates and Partners having a stronghold at local level liaison.

Spectra HR Labour Compliance Services 

  • Filling of Statutory Returns and Forms
  • Maintenance of Statutory Records and Register
  • Ensuring Statutory display/extract at notice board
  • Due Diligence / Labour Compliance Audit
  • Site Compliance / Contractor Compliance / Vendor Compliance Audit
  • Registration, Licenses, and renewals
  • Department Liaison & Litigation
  • Labour Law Consulting

Spectra broadly cover the following statutory compliance in HR under various Labour laws:

Statutory Compliance in HR under various Labour Laws | Compliance Audit | Spectra
Ques: What is the purpose of a compliance audit?
Ans: A compliance audit is performed to assess whether an organization is following laws, rules, and regulations issued by the government and at a corporate level. A compliance audit reports evaluate the strength and adherence/gaps of an organization’s compliance preparations, policies, standards, and procedures.
Ques: What is the role of statutory compliance in hr?
Ans: Statutory compliance in HR covers labour and taxation laws of India. It is vital to prevent legal troubles, ensures that workers are paid fairly with the minimum wage rate, prevent workers from unmanly work hours, and assists a company in developing a managerial environment to avoid compliance risks.
Ques: Why is Statutory Compliance in HR required and its importance for businesses?

Ans: Statutory Compliance in HR is required for every business because it assures that the organization’s rules and regulations are intact and up-to-date. And its importance matters to ensure that the organization following the rules to avoid penalties & other legal implications, high employee morale, and increased efficiency.

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