HR Manual & Policy formations

To run an organisation whether it is for profit or non-profit or social or any other purpose, it necessarily requires definite policies, process and bylaws which shall be in line with existing geographical, social, legal framework and economic factors. To run an organisation HR polices, process and bylaws are not only mandatory but also plays a vital role in decision making in a given situation. These frameworks are back bone of any organisation and without having these in place organisation can not last long.

Spectra helps organisations to build their HR policy manual by adopting a systematic approach. Our HR drafting experts first holds personal decision with decision makers and understand the vision, mission of business and map with these with similar industries and identify what are common amongst similar industries, suggest management for adoptions with minor changes and also suggest where re-draft / reframing is needed. We adopt clear approach to avoid any interpretation issues while drafting a HR policy and also adopt flexible approach for further addition / amendment/ deletion / induction as per company needs. Our Policy Frame work majorly covers the following:

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