HR Audit

In today’s competitive business world, stringent regulatory framework and the crunch of retaining skill manpower has really become a challenge for every organisation. To counter these challenges it is important for every organisation to have its HR policies, process, HR initiative and regulatory framework should be at par with industry.

To abreast with latest development in HR World, now every HR Head is focusing on HR Audit (Human Resource Audit ) to review its current policies, practices and processes to find out gaps so as to take corrective measures.

Our HR Audit team specialist, conduct Human Resources Audit (or HR Audit) by using scientific auditing technique and systematic approach by reviewing existing human resources policies, procedures, documentation and systems to identify gaps and suggest improvement and enhancement in human resource functions and also assess and determine compliance risk associated with ever-changing rules and regulations.

Spectra HR Audit process begin with preliminary discussion with functional head to understand the area needs to be focus for HR Audit followed by sharing of Audit schedule. We use artificial intelligence chat bot tool for employee survey to get overall feel about the organisation. Our HR Audit methodology is to identify company’s weaknesses and strengths so that an organisation can take timely corrective actions. Spectra HR Audit Outsourcing Services have an edge in many ways:

  • Identification of System, departmental, process gaps
  • Evaluating Strength and weaknesses
  • Cost saving & performance efficiency
  • Unbiased Reporting
  • Scale up of core operations
  • Industry specific benchmarking
  • Risk assessment and Counter measures
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