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Income Tax Consulting, Filing & Assessment

Spectra provides Income Tax Consulting and Compliances services to startups, small, medium, and large corporates. Our Income Tax Consulting team notifies the clients about the Income Tax changes from time to time and works closely with customers to implement changes so as make them tax compliant.
We undertake Income Tax transactional work such as calculation of advance tax, corporate tax, validation of TDS liabilities, preparing & filing of TDS returns, filling correction statements, attending TDS queries at the department level. We provide Tax Audits, corporate income tax return filing, business returns, and Individual returns.
We also support our customers in Income Tax Assessment, appeal proceedings, and department inquiries. We prepare notice replies, represent before tax authorities, provide explanations and submit documents, etc on behalf of our customers. Our systematic approach, knowledge of tax law, and experience of department procedures give us an edge to deal with the tax authorities in an efficient manner.
Income Tax Consulting and Filing of TDS returns- ITR- Spectra Outsource Solutions

Our Income Tax Services include:

  • Advance Tax Calculation
  • Corporate Tax Return Filing
  • Individual Tax Return Filing
  • TDS Validation on a month to month basis
  • Preparing and filing of TDS returns
  • Analyzing GR-Report to identify an error in TDS return
  • Filling correction statement with Traces
  • TDS and Tax consultancy
Ques: What is income tax consulting services?
Ans: Income Tax Returns are important, hence, income tax consultants offer consulting services to assist individuals and associations in paying their taxes and minimizing their tax liabilities.
Ques: What if TDS return is not filed?
Ans: If TDS return is not filed (for whatever reason), the tax department can levy a minimum of 50% of evaded tax penalty with the interest till the ITR filing date. Additionally, you can also be charged with 3-7 years of imprisonment term and a penalty of INR 10,000/-.
Ques: How many times we can file revised TDS return?
Ans: There isn’t any limit to file your revised TDS return. After receiving your TDS return, you need to go through the statement very carefully to notice if there are any errors or any changes to be made.
Ques: Is it mandatory to file TDS return?
Ans: If you are earning a handsome amount of money that falls under the tax slab, then it is mandatory to file the TDS return. All you have to do is visit the official site of the Income Tax and submit the return before time.
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