GST Compliances

Govt. of India introduced Goods & Service Tax on 1 July 2017, with a vision of One India One Tax. Initially it was a matter of debate amongst different political parties, finance & tax professionals, Scholars and Industrialist, whether GST will be a game changer or game spoiler. The idea behind was to bring India on a Global platform by simplifying Indirect Tax Laws by merging central and state taxes so as give equal business opportunity to every Indian state.

The Govt. thrust while implementing GST (Goods & Service Tax) relied more on technology so as to make the process secure, smarter and faster. It helped small & medium entrepreneurs, business houses and industrialist to transform traditional tax reporting / tax filling into electronic filing (e-filing) by way of filing monthly state-wise returns, transaction-level data upload, revenue reconciliation, reconciliation with vendor, GSTN invoice matching etc.

In the initial phase of implementation, every law has to undergo some changes, likewise GST is also not untouched with this evolutions. The frequent changes in GST laws, rules & procedures in the initial phase resulted due to varied Industry representations at GST council which has forced the Law makers to embed changes in GST Laws to stabilise business and Industry. This process is still on and will be continue till GST stabilises. It is very difficult for small and medium entrepreneurs to keep abreast with such changes on regular basis due to lack of proper professional support and process expertise. Spectra sensed & realised there is a definite need of strong compliance partner who can help them to run through the process and implement the procedural and technology changes for managing the GST compliances.

Foreseeing the technology is inevitable for managing compliances under GST, therefore, Spectra joined hands with technology company, Minerva Technologies Ltd. (An IT Partner of Spectra) who has successfully developed and implemented GST Compliance Solutions which are customizable as per requirements.

Spectra manages GST compliances in a very simplified manner and owns the end to end responsibility for GST Compliances. Our methodology is take the relevant ledger dumps and process the input and output liability by reconciling the books of accounts on monthly basis. We prepare periodic customer and supplier reconciliations and report the gaps to accounting team for follow-ups and reconciliations. We handhold our customer for procedural GST changes and assure our customer from all GST compliances.

We notify our customer from time to time about the recent changes in GST Laws. Our GST Advisory and consulting team interact with customer on regular basis to resolve their queries on GST. Apart from GST Advisory services, we undertake GST procedural activities such as;


  • GST Registration
  • GST Registration Amendments
  • Apply and Generating way bills
  • Applying LUT (Letter of Undertaking)
  • Calculation of Monthly / Quarterly Tax Liabilities
  • Input Reconciliation on monthly basis FORM 2A
  • Preparing and filling of monthly GST /quarterly return & provide data for Annual Audit
  • GST Consultancy and Tax Planning
  • Departmental Lesioning& representation in assessment / appeal proceedings